Magneto-Rotor Assembly

Magnet-rotors are used to generate the ignition spark in 2 wheelers when the rider kick-starts the motorcycle. These rotor assemblies vary according to the 2 wheeler model and engine displacement.
Each magneto rotor assembly consists of a cup inside which a boss is inserted and riveted in place. This assembly is broached and reamed post which it needs to be ultrasonically cleaned. Once the contaminants are removed, four magnets are inserted and retained in place with a curable adhesive film. The curing takes place in an oven with controlled temperature line which is highly flexible, robust and considerably reduces the manpower requirement while improving productivity.

Unique Features

Quick Changeover
Pneumatically operated manipulators with modular grippers for quick changeover.

Improve Throughput
Tandem manipulators for multiple sequential operations reduce overall cycle time and improve throughput.

Automatic Online Ultrasonic Cleaning
Fully automated pick clean and place carousels for automatic online ultrasonic cleaning.

Glue Dispensing System
Fully controllable glue dispensing system with self cleaning.

Positioning Accuracy
Mechanical positioning of all components enables high positioning accuracy and repeatability.
Inspection System
Optional vision based inspection system for complete quality inspection at each stage.