Automation Solutions

Innomation’s portfolio of automation solutions can be broadly divided into 3 categories.

  1. Engineering Component Automation
  2. Packaging Automation
  3. F&B Process Automation

Each category of automation has a unique approach that takes into account, the specific needs of that particular industry such as its roots, culture, approach towards technology, availability of manpower, future goals, etc.

For example, an automation solution built for the chewing tobacco industry should take into account the unavailability of skilled manpower due to the nature of the sector and the low preference for flexibility due to standardized products with very few changes over time. This is in stark contrast to a sector such as electronic hardware manufacturing where the conditions are vice-versa.

This kind of thinking and approach towards automation by understanding the core needs, capabilities, and challenges of our clients enables us to achieve our objective of being a globally preferred equipment life cycle partner for our clients.

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