Innomation is a full-service equipment life cycle partner. Since its inception, Innomation has taken on and solved some of the most difficult automation challenges in the manufacturing industry. The company has developed a well-earned reputation as a problem solver, able to deliver solutions that meet performance and reliability goals without compromising on safety standards. Over the years, Innomation has developed “turnkey” technologies and automation development methods that significantly reduce the time and risk associated with building customized automation solutions.

Typically, we work with our clients in 4 phases. This phased, collaborative approach enables us to partner with our clients throughout the equipment life-cycle and maximize value creation.

This phased, collaborative approach to automation development has been our core strength and has led to the development of many patented turn-key technologies, some of which are

  1. High-speed vacuum & pressure dosing systems for bulk products into sachets/pouches.
  2. Fully automatic, online, variable vacuum conditioning systems for baked goods & fresh produce.
  3. Multi-row fuzzy-logic based, high-speed unscrambling, counting, and batching systems for candies & tablets. 

Our team of highly skilled engineers, hardware, and software technicians led by national award-winning technocrats is always on the lookout for new challenges! Our cross-sectoral R&D expertise helps us develop out of the box solutions that set new benchmarks in productivity & quality.